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Women Behind the Uber Wheel

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Happy New Year! Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

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Have you done all that you had planned to do in 2015?  How many goals have you reached?  What about your business goals, have they been met yet?  Have you considered reassessing your goals, plans, dreams, and desires?  Do you need to change the way that you do business with others?  Do you even know where to start in 2016 in reaching your goals for growth?

Quotes of Thankfulness

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"Thank You!" is one of the simplest prayers of appreciation that we say instinctively without a second thought. When we are grateful for others' good deeds, we take time out to acknowledge their mindfulness. This not only makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside but it helps us to feel good about ourselves too. Can you think of 10 things that you are grateful for that others have done for you? Better yet, are you able to name 10 things that you have done for others that caused them to thank you for your generosity?

10 Big Picture Realities for New Small Business Owners

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1. 1.  I am not an expert in everything and don’t know everything.

2.  Financing a business can be intimidating.

3. I don’t have money growing on trees or an endless bankroll.

4. Maintaining monthly income and expense records is imperative.

5. Capability Statements are a requirement for government contracts.

6. DUNS numbers are FREE and required when dealing with the government.

7. Every level of government has its own contractor’s qualification process and set of rules.

8. Write your own Business Plans. No one knows your business aspirations better than you.

9. If one agency or organizations does not meet your needs, keep looking until you find one that does.

10. Time is money. Money is time. Spend it wisely. Don’t waste it. Only 24 hours in one day.


Start Smart Steps

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Venture into your next innovative opportunity with a fresh mindset and classic style. Start smart with some of the following steps.

1. Think sharp. Look sharp. Be Sharp. Find out fast… what you must do to get to the next level.

2. Take baby-steps before becoming the next guru giant.

3. Know the rules and focus on how to go above and beyond the minimal requirements.

4. Sign up and attend events and training. Networking is powerful.

5. Take advantage of opportunities that others underestimate.

6. Plan to be successful through self-determination, research and extensive reading.

7. Engulf yourself with people who have walked miles down the road that you are now traveling.

8. Persevere beyond “NO!” answers. It is not a destination. Keep asking until someone says, “YES!” The next person might be your personal expert.

9. Stay confident, competent and keep the faith. Be mentally tough.

10. Be prepared for the unexpected by eating healthy, getting exercise and proper rest.

We don’t always get to pick and choose in life what we want to do in various stages of our lives. Whether it’s school policy; business ownership decisions; the sex of our unborn; team wins or losses; or what time to get to work. Like it or not, we all have to abide by rules, routines and some sort of structure in order for us to be successful in our endeavors.

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“Failure will not overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

- Dale Carnegie