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Art Inspired by the Front Lines

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Quotes of Thankfulness

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"Thank You!" is one of the simplest prayers of appreciation that we say instinctively without a second thought. When we are grateful for others' good deeds, we take time out to acknowledge their mindfulness. This not only makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside but it helps us to feel good about ourselves too. Can you think of 10 things that you are grateful for that others have done for you? Better yet, are you able to name 10 things that you have done for others that caused them to thank you for your generosity?

Fine Art for Christmas

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Wouldn't you rather send a "Fine Art" Christmas or Birthday card this year to someone special instead of an everyday-store-bought collection?  What about including a matching piece of framed or canvas art, iPhone or Galaxy case?  The U.S. Postal Service delivers approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year. Birthdays rank number one! Christmas is the most popular seasonal card. View my latest images for this year's set of Christmas cards at http://pixels.com/profiles/serbennia-davis.html?tab=artworkgalleries

Photography Prints

Would you prefer a story or photographs at your next event?

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Photojournalists tell a story through pictures from beginning to end. They shoot the scenes without interfering during your special occasion. There are no staged or formal shots. Photojournalists are prepared to move freely. Images portray a chronological sequence of events. Impromptu photographs of you and your guests are taken to capture the story. It is told through the eyes of the photographer. Photojournalism is used in such events as birthday parties, sports events, weddings, or other social functions.  We finalize our product in an open-faced leather photobook.  Prices vary. 


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