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Holy Week Memoir: Sweet Momma Mittie by Serbennia Davis

Posted on March 27, 2018 at 8:45 AM

     The three little toddlers were snuggled into a deep sleep at two o’clock in the morning on Palm Sunday in April 1966. Someone pounded on the front door telling their Aunt Gertie that their mother, Mittie had just been killed on the street corner right outside of their front door.

     Momma Mittie stepped out of a friend’s car, walked behind it for her safety, and headed towards her front door a few feet away. She and two others had been out celebrating her thirty-eighth birthday. They had no idea they were being followed and stalked by the next-door neighbor and jealous husband of her friend Eve.

     Buddy was also the nephew of the children's father, Jimmie. Filled with outrage and fuming with anger, he thought it was his unfaithful wife when he saw a woman getting out of the car. He sped up his vehicle and rammed it into Momma Mittie crushing both of her legs between the two cars. Not once, but twice! He backed up his vehicle and raced forward a second time crushing her body to death. She died instantly upon the final impact.

     Screaming “No!” at the top of her lungs, Aunt Gertie woke up everyone.  The frightened toddlers started yelling and crying too, “I want my momma! I want my momma!”  They did not understand what had actually happened. They were very afraid during the commotion.

     Sadly, their reality nightmare became the beginning of the end for them. Infinite innocence had been perpetually stolen – in more ways than one. At ages two, four, and six-years old, they were too young to understand the adult conflict over their mother’s death.

     Lifelong questions haunted them even as adults.  Why did Momma Mittie's side of the family now hate Daddy Jimmie’s side of the family? Why didn't Buddy ever go to jail?  Why had daddy only visited them once after momma's death? Did Momma Mittie sacrifice her life to save Eve?

     Abruptly, they relocated from the little corner house surrounded by pecan trees in hard time Dunn, NC to the fast-paced Chocolate City and high rises of hard time Baltimore, MD with Momma Mittie's sister Annie Mae.  They were three little country bumpkins forced to live, stay and become city slickers.  What would happen to them next?

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